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alt Welcome to Leago Equity Partners, the leading entrepreneurship development and corporate advisory practice in Sub-Saharan Africa

Leago Equity Partners (Pty) Ltd is a wholly black woman owned investment and advisory practice which provides a full range of services including: enterprise development and business planning, corporate strategy, business development and innovation management solutions to clients in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are able deliver this through the application of a distinct range of resources, tools and practical methodologies.

In addition to these services Leago Equity Partners has a highly skilled finance advisory practice which provides project and corporate finance advise comprising of financial due diligence for projects, valuations and capital raising.


Corporate Strategy

There was a time when strategy was done by large corporates, and those who were at the forefront of change. Strategy however is becoming far more relevant for entrepreneurs particularly with the rapid integration of doing business globally.
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Business Case Development

If you're serious about building a successful enterprise, you'll need a business plan.This way, your business idea is expressed in a plan – a living document that outlines every critical aspect of its operation.
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Registration of Companies

Setting up a South Africa business, (Company Formation), whether as a sole proprietor or forming a closed corporation or a Pty Ltd, as the vehicle to incorporate your business are just some of the options open the business person when forming a company in South Africa.
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Valuations of cashflows

One of the most important aspects of the business plan are the financial projections of cashflows anticipated to be made in the business.
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