Expanding into African Markets

For many businesses, expanding into different geographical locations is an attractive way to penetrate new markets and to deliver growth. With the development that is projected to be realized in the African continent, it has never been so compelling for businesses to deliver services and products to the African community.

Africa has made good progress in creating regional frameworks for trading, although a few challenges still exists. Despite some of these challenges, new markets can also represent opportunities to reach out to new consumer groups

The increasing flows of foreign direct investment also indicate, the widening opportunities that have been identified by many international firms. There is a window of opportunity for first-mover pioneers to acquire market share.

Leago Equity Partners has developed a number of African market strategies for businesses wanting to expand or launch different products in the African continent. Our understanding of the risks and opportunities inherent in different markets has enabled our team to provide value to those clients that have moved into the various African markets.

In order to understand the opportunity represented by Africa, our team uses several research methodologies to understand the ease of doing business and accessibility of those markets. Leago Equity Partners assists business investors in selecting African markets that suit their type, size and capabilities of their businesses. If you are interested in doing business in Africa, contact us for a tailored African approach.



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