Leago Equity Partners was established on the backbone of developing entrepreneurs and helping to commercialize innovative ideas in Sub-Saharan Africa. Enterprise development therefore remains one of the cornerstones of our business given the significant importance, value and social impact created from sustainable enterprises. Our Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Business Development practice assists entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to draft and refine their business plans so as to ensure full commercialisation of their business models and essentially supports the strategic agenda of our clients in the key domains of growth, business improvement and optimisation.

One of our objectives is to develop private companies by providing strategic planning and development so that entrepreneurs and corporate entities will be able to optimize the operations of their businesses, ensure sound governance structures and also to ensure sound cash management practices. Many entrepreneurs fail due to insufficient research conducted on their business plans, poor management and insufficient working capital. Our team recognizes the challenge that businesses face in securing adequate capital and thus Leago is able to assist corporates as well as entrepreneurs in capital raising for projects.

Once an innovative idea becomes fully bankable, Leago Equity Partners (Leago) is able to facilitate finance for the business plan, our company also plays a pivotal role in assisting high potential SMEs through the various phases of its business cycle; structuring a more customized mix of debt and equity to provide the most optimal source of funding to the business, thereby offsetting any potential risk of the investment to the investors. Sources of finance also include private equity through Leago Private Equity venture.

Leago’s other key involvements is in the area of infrastructure and corporate finance. There is an increasing focus on supporting and managing growth within communities in Sub-Saharan Africa through infrastructure projects that are efficient, transparent and cost-effective. Governments and private sector participants are increasingly looking for financing of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Our Infrastructure team works collaboratively with our affiliate partner, Leupa Investment Holdings as well as the public and private sectors in delivering medium to large-scale, complex infrastructure projects for the benefit of both the community and private sector needs. We develop flexible, innovative solutions for our clients through advice on procurement strategies, project structuring, arranging finance for projects.

Our firm’s advisory team comprises of entrepreneurs, investment specialists and highly qualified professionals with broad experience in strategy consulting, infrastructure finance, public private partnerships, corporate finance, private equity and investment banking.



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