Investment Methodology

Expansion Capital

Leago Equity Partners facilitates expansion capital for SMEs with significant growth prospects. Such investments will provide critical funding to established businesses that are positioned to take advantage of organic growth and acquisition opportunities including platform build-up strategies.


Replacement Capital

Replacement capital to finance the full or partial exit of significant equity investors. Such investments will be made either in support of incumbent management’s business plan or in companies with under-performing or under-utilized assets where an enhanced management team and a new investor group can have a positive impact.


Joint Ventures

Joint ventures with multinational companies, local mainstream SA business and those from the emerging Black Economic Empowerment ("BEE") business sector.



Co-invest with Black Economic Empowerment Investment Companies to take in SMEs positioned to take advantage of the vast government procurement space in our chosen industry focus

The primary objective of Leago Equity Partners is to present banks; fund managers, venture capitalist and private investors with lucrative, sustainable and secure investment opportunities and products, on an invitational basis.

All the opportunities presented must be supported by:

- Solid and experienced management
- Thorough corporate governance
- Expert professional assistance
- Sound business principles
- Feasible business cases
- Solid returns
- Excellent growth potential


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